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ABOUT the Owner/CEO

"I am SO excited to offer fun services for individuals, groups, and families through MAD MUSKY Water Sports Rentals in McMinnville, Tennessee. Come see me YEAR ROUND! The staff and I work hard to put the FUN into outdoor activities all year long. MAD MUSKY Water Sports is not a 'job' for me... it's a 'dream' that has become a 'fun adventure'! "


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Stacy  Ellard 

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Owner/ CEO

Stacy Ellard grew up fishing, swimming & boating along the mighty Mississippi River Delta, as well as other lakes and rivers in the Ark-La-Ms, so the love of being near or on the water and enjoying it comes naturally.  She has a background resume that includes owning & operating a child care center and consultation service for typical and special needs children, award-winning business advertising sales representative in both radio & newspaper, as well as the creator and past host of the Delta Area Cheerleading Competition. Miss Ellard has studied emergency medical training as well as keeping current CPR & first aid certifications. She is also a current member of the ACA.

Moving to Tennessee in 2005, she began working with the physically and intellectually disabled, which she stills enjoys currently, in addition to owner/ CEO of MAD MUSKY Water Sports Rentals. 

As an 'empty nester', and the beautiful Collins River on her property, sharing it with other families became the perfect dream. MAD MUSKY was the perfect solution and Stacy is constantly adding new features for the property and other new unique amenities will later be added to the MAD MUSKY  property and the General Store.

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